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Guest blogger:Sarah Lenssen from as5for5

Guest blogger: Sarah Lenssen from as5for5 photos courtesy of Cate Turton / Dept. for International Development First, thanks to Terri Nakamura (@terrinakamura) for allowing me to post on her blog today! Today, more than 25 bloggers, including this one, are standing with me to Ask 5 for 5 for Africa. Here's why.... I began pursuing a BIG dream two weeks ago. After deciding I could no longer avoid the news about the famine in the horn of Africa , I had that gut feeling that I couldn't sit this one out. I HAD to do something because I could . Something bigger than I could do alone. That's when #Ask5for5 was born. Two of my children, Ashen and Bereket, were adopted and are from the region affected by the drought in Ethiopia . They would be two of the statistics if they still lived there. I see my son’s and daughter’s faces in the photos of those suffering in the refugee camps. It could have been him. It could have been her. The thought haunts me.

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