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A Call Can Save Your Life

Watch for the warning signs of a heart attack Around 6 PM Sunday evening I started to feel a heavy, painful pressure in my chest. Having experienced something similar before, I wasn't too concerned, but as it grew stronger and more difficult to ignore, and as the pain radiated to my jaw, I started to worry. Google is my friend. Typing in keywords "heart attack symptoms in women," I scanned the list and recognized some of the signs. I walked into the kitchen and popped an aspirin. My husband and son were there and I let them know what was happening. My husband suggested I call the consulting nurse, so I did. The consulting nurse quickly came to the conclusion I needed to call 9-1-1. So I hung up and dialed, then waited. Within a few minutes I could hear a distant siren that grew louder and louder until it stopped in front of our house. Moments later I found a dozen people of all colors, ages and genders in my living room, including firemen, medics, paramedics

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