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Surfing into Retail

Building the Legendary Alki Surf Shop When I first tell them, friends look at me with a confused expression. But for many, the more they learn, the more excited they are for this next daring step in my life. This month, my husband, David Horsfall, and I have been consumed with demolishing a former tattoo shop, seven steps up from Alki Beach, and rebuilding it into what we hope will be part of the vibrant Alki Beach and West Seattle communities. Alki Surf Shop began last fall as David’s dream. Years ago after seeing an episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, I noticed something interesting: All the women were very wealthy, and they all SOLD things. David ruminated about my observation, and several years later came up with the concept of Alki Surf Shop, and began work designing t-shirts, branding, and  the marketing communications needed to launch . Ty and Katie near the Seattle Statue of Liberty We will be selling our Alki-branded

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