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Support Ukrainian Startups

This is a strange post, I realize, but we are living in exceptional times. Denys Kostenko. Communications & Partnerships Manager with Startup Network ( and Network VC) asked me to share this news release. I hope you'll take a look, and if it looks relevant, perhaps you'll get involved. Network VC raises a fund to invest and help Ukrainian startups in the face of Russian aggression. Network VC (USA) has created a Special Venture Fund and a "Support Ukrainian Startups" program to invest in startups from Ukraine.  Investors from all over the world can support Ukrainian startups and help entrepreneurs survive this difficult time of war in Ukraine. The fund will finance several dozen startups, which will be selected through an open competition on the Unicorn.Events platform as well as based on our own analytics.    Mission Since February 24, 2022 all Ukrainian startups had woken up to a new reality being held as hostages of war that Russia had started by bo

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