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How We Conquered Christmas

Last month on my Wordpress blog I wrote about a somewhat zany idea I had about reverse gift-buying, and how I talked our family into trying it this Christmas shopping season. After some initial skepticism, I think many of my family members were surprised at how well it worked. At first it seemed weird, though, to shop for ourselves. A few of us bought things we needed. My husband bought a replacement grill for our Weber, and designated it a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. One of our sons bought a gift certificate to have his car detailed, and made it from me and my husband. My sister bought a pressure cooker as a gift from several family members. I bought a GoPro camera, and made it a single gift from everyone in my family. Others chose things they wanted and needed that no one would’ve thought of, or in some cases, would have exceeded the budget limits we set up for individual presents. But this year, no returns, no duplicates, no exchanges — all purchases

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