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Should Every Follower Be Followed Back?

Common sense says you should follow whomever you want. But recently I read a post by a blogger who felt everyone on Twitter—especially those in "leadership" positions—should follow everyone back.

It might sound good in theory, but here are some thoughts to ponder:

Some followers may not be worthy of a follow back. If you check before you click the "follow" button, you might find:

• Accounts that have posted no tweets.

Maybe their abandoned accounts have been taken over by squatters, or they could be fake accounts created for people who buy followers.

Questionable content — X-Rated timelines; "Tweeps" (Twitter peeps) who use a lot of foul language; Businesses that tweet exclusively about their products and services; Tweeps who post spam or tweet the same message over and over

• Accounts that broadcast one-wayoutgoing feeds with no interaction with anyone

• Those who use TrueTwit validation to weed out "bots." TrueTwit DMs are off…

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