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CES2023 - AromaPlayer – the world's first scented video platform

So why the secrecy about AromaPlayer ® ? Their press release was embargoed until 5 PM today! (Jan. 3, 2023) According to Kyoto-based tech startup Aromajoin , AromaPlayer is the only video platform capable of adding scent to your videos. Their value proposition is that engaging viewers by tapping into the sense of smell will create an even more immersive experience.  Olfactory experiences are influential in forming memories. Even though this sounds a little crazy to me, I can imagine it could provide a serious differentiator between competitors. If someone sees a commercial showing a delicious burger, the added influence of a great aroma to go with it could make it memorable and cause a viewer to jump on their scooter for a burger fix. Besides a strong point of difference, the experience of smell could enhance the image of a burger brand. How does AromaPlayer work? If you're like me, you're probably wondering how in the heck it would work. I mean, you go to a perfume counter to

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