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Social Media's Impact on Kids — What's Next for Tech?

Keeping kids safe on social media. Photo: Unsplash with Andrej Lisakov. Social Media's Impact on Kids — What's Next for Tech? During my four days at CES, I had the opportunty to attend only one panel discussion. I'm grateful that I chose to listen and watch this particular one in person. A lengthy line of eager attendees had formed, all looking forward to hearing from the three distinguished speaker, including Mitch Prinstein from the American Psychological Association (APA), Megan Jones Bell from Google, and Ravi Iyer from the USC Marshall School's Neely Center. The panel was expertly hosted by Corbin Evans, senior director at APA. L-R Corbin Evans, APA; Mitch Prinstein, APA; Megan Jones Bell, Google; Ravi Iyer USC Neely Cente While my own children are now adults, I find myself thinking about the impact of electronic devices and the potential repercussions of allowing children to access social media platforms. This concern has taken on a greater signficance since I'

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