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Keyboard Shortcutting Your Life

My apologies if this one is a bit obscure. but those of us who use Photoshop and other software applications may be able to relate to “keyboard shortcuts.” One morning I was walking around our house wondering where in the world I could find my battery tender. A battery tender, when hooked up to your car’s battery, provides a trickle charge, to keep cars ready to roll. They’re great for old cars like mine, (1976 BMW 2002) that sometimes goes undriven for a week or more. During cold weather, it isn’t surprising to find the battery is kaput. Where is the battery tender? I wished I could hit Command-f ( ⌘ -f) to  “FIND,” which works pretty well on our computers. (Or “search” on our phones?) I know it’s somewhere around our house. How do I know? One reason — we don’t throw away things that are still working. The battery tender has never been used. Our son and his wife @queenhorsfall came home for the holidays! He has been storing his BMW Z4 here. He is a U.S. Army Major,

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