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Ben Huh, CEO, Cheezburger Network, and Playmate of the Month

Ben Huh, CEO, Cheezburger Network I was going to write about some of the many innovative companies in Seattle, but when a friend helped me set up an interview with Ben Huh (@BenHuh) fearless leader of I Can Has Cheezburger (ICHC) and other memes, my plans changed. So this piece is all about Ben Huh, the big cheese of a company that makes the world laugh. Questions are in bold. 23 July 2010 — Cheezburger Network, Seattle, WA Everyone has already written everything imaginable about you and ICHC. So I'd like to show you a Dewar's profile and a Playboy bunny interview from 1983. These are the inspirations for how I want to talk with you. I thought this would be more fun. So, is that OK? Fantastic. Dewar's Ad: Community Live Journal ; Playmate interview, Sept. 1983 Playboy So, basically, you’ll be like the Playboy playmate of the month. [laughs] First question—how do you pronounce your name? It’s “Huh.” Some pronounce it "Hugh," but it’s “H

Beautiful Minds — Seattle-Area Developers Discuss Social Graph APIs

OK. When I got the invitation, it was a bit like, “WHY?” But on the ticket I was identified as a “Super Cool Person,” so how could I resist attending the Parnassus Group ’s Social Developer Meetup? And even though one of my specialties is getting lost on the east side of the "pond" (Lake Washington), somehow I got there in spite of the dead battery in my GPS! When finally I’d arrived, I looked around at the group assembled and wondered— what is this confab all about? Jason Preston (@jason_preston) VP of Strategy and Product Development at the Parnassus Group In describing it, Jason Preston (@jason_preston) VP of Strategy and Product Development at the Parnassus Group says, “Ever since we started putting together Twitter Conferences in March 2009, we at Parnassus have thought the next wave of digital innovation will be built by ordinary geeks on top of the rich and emerging foundation of social data platforms. All kinds of cool things are being built by lo

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