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Seattle is nestled between two incredibly beautiful mountain ranges and bordered by Elliott Bay. Seattle is innovative. Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, UPS, Microsoft, Costco, REI, Boeing and many other companies, began here. It's a big city, but it is still a place where people wait for the light to turn green before they cross the street. Waiting for the light to turn green on Denny St. in Seattle by Terri Nakamura I don’t think of Seattle as a trendy place, but I do have friends who have to jump on every new thing, When Rolfing was in, they were Rolfed. Eggs and butter were banished for years. When low-carb diets were de rigueur, they eschewed bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. When colonics came along, they had their innards flushed. Personal trainers, massages, French manicures, vegan or raw diets, yoga, Pilates, spinning, rock climbing...the list goes on. Maybe my standards are too low, but I’m basically happy with the way I am. Alone among my friends, I don’t dye

i'm a graphic designer who loves words. - terri nakamura