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Seattle Needs Ride Sharing

The City of Seattle is in the process of deciding whether or not to eliminate ride-sharing services such as Uber , Lyft and Sidecar . Is that a good thing? If you've ever watched Portlandia , you have an idea of what it's like to live 200 miles north. Seattle is very open and progressive, but at the same time it feels the need to regulate almost everything. Our City Council can get bogged down on inane issues, such as spitting in public parks. However, when communication delivery shifted from print to the web, would it have made sense for the Seattle City Council to regulate online information sources in order to keep local  printers in business? Of course not. Which brings us back to getting around town. The taxi industry is in revolt over the unfairness of competing with ride-sharing enterprises. Taxis are subjected to layers of regulation, where ride-sharing entities are not. It makes sense to analyze the different requirements for ride sharing and t

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