CES2023 - AromaPlayer – the world's first scented video platform

So why the secrecy about AromaPlayer ® ? Their press release was embargoed until 5 PM today! (Jan. 3, 2023) According to Kyoto-based tech startup Aromajoin , AromaPlayer is the only video platform capable of adding scent to your videos. Their value proposition is that engaging viewers by tapping into the sense of smell will create an even more immersive experience.  Olfactory experiences are influential in forming memories. Even though this sounds a little crazy to me, I can imagine it could provide a serious differentiator between competitors. If someone sees a commercial showing a delicious burger, the added influence of a great aroma to go with it could make it memorable and cause a viewer to jump on their scooter for a burger fix. Besides a strong point of difference, the experience of smell could enhance the image of a burger brand. How does AromaPlayer work? If you're like me, you're probably wondering how in the heck it would work. I mean, you go to a perfume counter to

Terri Nakamura Talks About Blogging on Instagram

Publishing my first book, Blogging on Instagram: Engagement Writing on One of the World's Best Social Media Platforms , has led to some great opportunities, including several podcast interviews where I've been invited to talk about social media and unique ways to leverage your presence on Instagram. It was a wonderful experience to be a guest on Rod & Inci Jones' Thought Row Podcast . We covered a lot of topics related to social media and Instagram. I would love it if you would check it out! Terri Nakamura — Episode 51: Harnessing the Power of Social Media Harnessing the Power of Social Media show notes: In this episode, show co-hosts Rod & Inci Jones share their quote of the day and motivational thought, and then discuss the pros & cons of social media and how it has impacted their social media presence. After Rod & Inci's brief discussion, they introduce Terri Nakamura, who is a Social Media Consultant, Designer, Writer, and Author of "Blogging

Support Ukrainian Startups

This is a strange post, I realize, but we are living in exceptional times. Denys Kostenko. Communications & Partnerships Manager with Startup Network ( and Network VC) asked me to share this news release. I hope you'll take a look, and if it looks relevant, perhaps you'll get involved. Network VC raises a fund to invest and help Ukrainian startups in the face of Russian aggression. Network VC (USA) has created a Special Venture Fund and a "Support Ukrainian Startups" program to invest in startups from Ukraine.  Investors from all over the world can support Ukrainian startups and help entrepreneurs survive this difficult time of war in Ukraine. The fund will finance several dozen startups, which will be selected through an open competition on the Unicorn.Events platform as well as based on our own analytics.    Mission Since February 24, 2022 all Ukrainian startups had woken up to a new reality being held as hostages of war that Russia had started by bo

Do You Think Health Is a Human Right?

I've lived in the same house for four decades, and as long as I can recall, there has been a wonderful health resource right here in my neighborhood. For many years my mom worked across the street from this resource, now known as  Providence St. Joseph.  Providence reaches far beyond my neighborhood, which is just east of downtown Seattle. It has grown over the years and is a  guardian angel   watching over seven Western states: Alaska, California, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington. Providence St. Joseph is the largest provider of health care in Washington State. Its services span from hospitals, clinics and senior centers, to hospice, home health services to communities of all size. The organization provides essential health care programs as well as social services to those who are poor and vulnerable, and they’ve showcased it as part of their “Health is a Human Right” campaign. The Health is a Human Right  campaign has a goal — to raise awarenes

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