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Do You Think Health Is a Human Right?

I've lived in the same house for four decades, and as long as I can recall, there has been a wonderful health resource right here in my neighborhood. For many years my mom worked across the street from this resource, now known as  Providence St. Joseph.  Providence reaches far beyond my neighborhood, which is just east of downtown Seattle. It has grown over the years and is a  guardian angel   watching over seven Western states: Alaska, California, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington. Providence St. Joseph is the largest provider of health care in Washington State. Its services span from hospitals, clinics and senior centers, to hospice, home health services to communities of all size. The organization provides essential health care programs as well as social services to those who are poor and vulnerable, and they’ve showcased it as part of their “Health is a Human Right” campaign. The Health is a Human Right  campaign has a goal — to raise awarenes

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