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Who Do You Admire?

Jack Dorsey on the cover of - Fast Company - Our new hero-archetype? When I was a kid, it was pretty easy to identify heroes. They were policemen and firemen, soldiers and astronauts. They were President John F. Kennedy, Miss America, doctors, teachers and others who showed courage or strength. They were people who were, in some way, extraordinary. Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and founder of Square, is on the March 2012 cover of Fast Company , and seeing him made me wonder — who do people admire today and why? Are entrepreneurs the new heroes? The fortunes made by innovators today might make a 20-something MBA's heart beat a bit faster because they have realized the American dream — using brains and hard work to achieve success and enormous wealth. But is the ability to turn ideas into money what we should admire or strive to emulate? Having aspirational goals propel us to achieve. And the ability to innovate, and at times create a need for things

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